Crypto is more than just a currency, it’s the future. 

Crypto is more than just a currency, it’s the future. 

Crypto is more than just a currency, it’s the future. 

Crypto is more than just a currency, it’s the future. 

Crypto is more than just a currency, it’s the future. 

Crypto is more than just a currency, it’s the future. 

We truly believe that crypto is changing the future of finance. It’s changing how value is perceived and information is stored.
We also believe it should be available to everyone and a lack of knowledge or accessibility shouldn’t prevent you from getting in early on the crypto revolution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for faster crypto adoption by removing the barriers to the crypto revolution and empowering our users with an easy-to-use platform which diversifies and grows their portfolio while minimizing risk and maximizing reward on their investments.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and convenient platform for managed or self-managed cryptocurrency investing for all individuals and business entities.

Meet Our Team

Sandor Miklos, Founder, CEO & Director

Sandor graduated in applied sciences; Post-graduate studies included economics & computer sciences at Wilfred University in Waterloo, Ontario. He earned the coveted CIMA designation offered in conjunction with Wharton School of Business. He started his financial career as an Investment Advisor with ScotiaMcleod where he managed portfolios which included the Ontario Secondary Teachers Federation. An entrepreneur and early investor in private and public businesses with disruptive technologies, patents or unique products: Augme, Excel Mutual Funds, TSI Sports, Bulzi Media, Blue Socks Media

Simon Smith, Co-Founder,  CTO

Simon is a science graduate with a M.Sc. in Physics from Queens University and a B.Sc. from Warwick University in the U.K. After graduation, Simon worked as a researcher for oil-and-gas companies in the fields of electromagnetics and ultrasound. Simon worked in Europe and the Middle East managing complex technology in the Chemical, Utility and Mining industries. In 2002, Simon became the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and one of the founders of Detectent, a U.S.-based company providing software and analytics for the utility industry until it was acquired by Silver Springs Networks in 2014.

Grant Mackenzie, Director, President and CEO of Peoples Group, Peoples Trust Company and Peoples Bank of Canada

Grant Mackenzie Director.  President and CEO of Peoples Group, Peoples Trust Company and Peoples Bank of Canada. He has more than 40 years of executive and financial management experience in the Banking/Financial Services industries. Peoples Group was founded in 1985 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. They have over 300 employees in Canada and manage more than $19 billion in assets.

Bhin Phan, Chief Software Engineer

Bhin Phan lives and breathes technology. He has a Bachelor of Science in computers and a diploma in Software Engineering – Microsoft Technology. He has over ten years of experience in C#.NET, primarily focusing on ASP.NET MVC, WPF, REST technology. He has leadership experience in Design Pattern, building architecture of complicated technology systems; Researching and delivering the most applicable newest technologies; He excels at solving complicated technical problems and delivering results.

Aaron Webber, Advisor CEO of Webber Investments

He has more than 30 years in developing and launching marketing strategies to help position growth-oriented companies like Everdime.  Mr. Webber has worked with both small and large companies in assisting them to launch strategic initiatives to meet or exceed targeted goals—both domestically and globally. 

Hank Riner, Shareholder

Hank Riner has been a successful CEO for the last twenty-five years, leading and growing technology driven companies. In his career, Hank has created over $200 million in value for his shareholders. His expertise includes strategy development, organizational alignment for effective execution, recruiting and retaining exceptional talent, and creating cultures that drive exceptional growth and market leadership positions. In his career Hank has led a public company, two private equity-backed companies, completed two turnarounds, and grew a startup to over $140 million in revenue in six years. He also has extensive mergers and acquisitions expertise, having identified, negotiated, and completed 15 acquisitions. Hank recently relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida, with his wife to join an investment bank, Aberdeen Advisors, as an M & A Advisor.

Ken Fisher, Shareholder & Advisor

Ken Fisher is a successful entrepreneur and investor in private businesses across North America and Australia. Just to list a few of his accomplishments: Ken was a founder of Chatters Inc. ( one of Canadas’s fastest growing private companies and Canada’s largest beauty supply and salon stores. Under Ken’s leadership the chain grew from 1 to 110 retail stores with revenues over 150 MM. Ken was bought out by a private equity group in 2015. Currently Ken is the founder of Tommy Gunns, ( men’s sports haircuts concept with over 60 locations in a short time and growing fast. He is also an owner of Price Attack a large Australian beauty supply and salon retailer.