FinTech isn’t the future. It’s happening now. Join the financial revolution.

Fan Tokens

Fan Tokens allow those with large social followings to monetize their social network.

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Purchase Crypto

Purchasing, investing, and selling cryptocurrency has never been easier.

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Crypto Sim Game

Learn the ins and outs of crypto currency investing in this interactive, realistic Crypto Simulation Game.

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Earn Tokens

Fans can prove their loyalty and determine the future and success of their favorite band, team, club, influencer, etc. through Fan Tokens.

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FinTech is revolutionizing how banking and financial systems work. This non-hackable, immutable form of tracking and storing financial information is a low cost, instant transfer solution. We are removing barriers by making cryptocurrency accessible for everyone. From the suburban family to the wall street giants, FinTech is made for you. 

FinTech eliminates the need of a middle man. Long gone are the days of backing your dollar through government authorities like the FDIC. With FinTech, there is a secure trail following every transaction ensuring the value and validity of every transaction. Everdime’s FinTech platform is the simplest, easiest way to access, track, and store your money.

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