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Custom Branded App Wallet for Your Organization

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) entering the Web3 ecosystem require a reliable, secure, and user-friendly wallet solution. Everdime’s private white-label Web3 wallet empowers SMEs to seamlessly manage and trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets while maintaining their unique brand identity. By choosing Everdime’s white-label wallet solution, SMEs can differentiate themselves from competitors and enhance customer loyalty, as clients appreciate the convenience and familiarity of a branded wallet.

Everdime’s white-label Web3 wallet goes beyond typical wallet features, offering push communication and seamless delivery of NFT and token airdrops. These functionalities enable SMEs to engage with their customers proactively, sending important updates, offers, and promotions directly to their wallet. By incorporating NFT and token airdrops, SMEs can effortlessly distribute digital assets, rewards, or exclusive content to their customers, fostering brand loyalty and increasing customer retention. With Everdime’s private white-label Web3 wallet, SMEs gain a comprehensive and powerful tool that not only simplifies asset management but also amplifies customer engagement and growth in the Web3 ecosystem.

Secured on a Mobile Device

Web3 security enabled. Holds a wide variety of tokens and NFTs in your organizations wallet for extra security.

Create your branded Token

Unlock endless possibilities with Everdime’s wallet, enabling seamless token minting to empower your business with innovative rewards, incentives, and revenue opportunities in the thriving digital asset ecosystem.

Purchase Crypto
Secured on your phone
Explore NFT’s
Download the AppDownload the App

Easy Wallet Download

You can have your wallet custom branded. Download and setup is fast and easy. Users view and access crypto balances, and view NFTs as well as receive, send and trade crypto.

Reward Brand Loyalty

Experience the power of Everdime’s white-label wallet to engage and reward your customers and followers, fostering loyalty and enhancing brand connection. Seamlessly distribute unique digital rewards like tokens and NFTs directly to customers’ branded wallets, creating a personalized experience that keeps them coming back. Elevate your rewards system with transparency, easy management, and the ability to strengthen relationships with your valued audience – all with the unparalleled convenience of Everdime’s customizable wallet solution.

Download the Wallet

Download the Wallet

Download the Wallet

Find out how you can benefit from a branded private white-label wallet.

Discover the benefits of your own branded Web3 Wallet

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