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Discover the world of cryptocurrency non-fungible tokens with the Everdime app. Whether you’re visiting to monetize your fanbase, invest in crypto, or just want to explore the possibilities, it’s available in our all-in-one app.

Access FanTokens

Discover your favorite team’s available FanTokens and track their rewards!

Access and Create NFTs

See our database of NFTs available for purchase, or create your own to monetize your fanbase!

Purchase Crypto
Secured on your phone
Explore NFT’s

Download the app

Download the app

Download the app

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Easy Wallet Access

Setup your wallet, access your balance, and check on your purchases on the app.

Secured on your Mobile Device

Each of your purchased NFTs are stored on your mobile device, not on the cloud, for extra security, customization, and personalization of your portfolio.

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