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By adopting Web3 wallet, organizations have the opportunity to stay relevant and secure. Web3 offers security features like biometric or facial recognition technology that make it difficult for unauthorized users to access the organization’s data, making sure the company’s security systems remain up to date. It also allows organizations to remain ahead of trends as they come.

As life continues to become more digitalized, data security becomes increasingly important. Adopting Web3 wallet is a forward-thinking approach which allows companies to stay ahead of their competition and make sure their security measures stay effective against potential threats that may arise in the future.


As a business owner, integrating Chat GPT into your operations can provide a range of benefits. Chat GPT can help you provide conversational experiences that feel natural and intuitive for your customers, leading to increased trust and loyalty. It can also streamline communication, reduce the time and resources required to interact with customers, and automate routine tasks such as answering frequently asked questions.

By integrating Chat GPT into your business, you can focus on more complex and value-added activities, enhance the customer experience, and improve overall productivity and efficiency. Ultimately, Chat GPT can help you achieve your business goals more effectively and stay ahead of the competition


Blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer a range of benefits that are transforming various industries. They enable the creation and sale of digital art, collectibles, and other unique assets, providing new revenue streams for creators and reducing the risk of fraud.

NFTs also allow for the verification of ownership and provenance, making them useful for tracking the history of art and other assets. Overall, blockchain technology and NFTs are driving innovation and creating new opportunities in a wide range of industries.

The Everdime provides the Solution

Whether you’re new to the crypto world or very experienced, Everdime’s  Web3, blockchain enabled applications provide the bridge to Metaverse.

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Everdime’s Crypto Wallet

Step One in the crypto journey is having a crypto wallet. We created a Web3 enabled secure mobile wallet app in IOS and Android.  Click on the link below using your device, download and install

Transfer Crypto to Wallet

Follow instructions and transfer your coins or token portfolio with little effort. Android based wallet will hold your NFTs too.

Transfer Cryptocurrencies

Everdime wallet app makes it easy to transfer crypto between your friends and family. Just specify the “address” of your friends wallet and press a button.

Earn Tokens

Download the app to discover ways to earn free crypto tokens! We will be airdropping new tokens from various crypto and NFT projects into Everdime wallet holders account.

How It Works

Easy Account Setup

We’ve done our research and know that one of the most difficult challenges is getting started.  Getting verified, setting up your wallet, and understanding how the platform works can get complicated, which is why we made it a priority to streamline this process. The first step is to download the Everdime app, found on the app stores. 

  • Mobile App Account Creation  
    • Download  from he Android or Apple app store, create an account using your email. A verification email will be sent to you. Click on the line in the email.
  • Automatic Secure Wallet Creation
    • Download the app and our system automatically creates an encrypted decentralized wallet on your device.  Safely store the Web3 security passphrase in case your phone crashes or is lost.


Purchase Crypto securely in minutes using messenger or Everdime’s mobile app.

  • Credit Cards Accepted: Don’t want to link it to your bank account? No worries, you can purchase it from any major credit card. We also accept: __________
  • Baskets: Our baskets of Crypto selected from our tried and tested algorithms make it easy for you to invest in multiple cryptos at once and access some of the smaller altcoins available on the market.


Not only should you diversify your investment portfolio, but also your cryptocurrency portfolio.  Our baskets make it easy for you to locate smaller altcoins and purchase multiple cryptos at once.


Convert local currency to cryptocurrency and vice versa in-app instantly.


Our platform has secure and encrypted communication to send private messages or instantly transfer your crypto or fiat currency to anyone, anywhere using eDime’s app.


Everdime’s Gold or Platinum Crypto Visa or Mastercard can be used to draw cash instantly and is accepted by merchants worldwide.

Earn cashback and eDime tokens to spend or save for future capital growth when you use your Everdime debit card.

Use the Mobile app for exclusive local merchant deals.


Fortify the ecosystem and generate excitement with Everdime’s crypto token introduction to create your own fantoken or non-fungible token (NFT) with our simple process to create coins instantly ready for exchange.

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