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Everdime’s white label Web3 wallet service provides a comprehensive and secure solution for SMEs looking to integrate Web3 technologies into their businesses. By offering a customizable, branded wallet, Everdime enables businesses to offer their customers a seamless and user-friendly platform.

Everdime’s Web3 wallet provides advanced features such as push communication for enhanced user engagement, as well as support for NFT and token airdrops, enabling businesses to create unique customer experiences and drive loyalty. By adopting Everdime’s white label Web3 wallet service, SMEs can facilitate secure, transparent, and auditable transactions, fostering trust among customers while positioning themselves at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.


As a business owner, integrating Chat GPT into your operations can provide a range of benefits. Chat GPT can help you provide conversational experiences that feel natural and intuitive for your customers, leading to increased trust and loyalty. It can also streamline communication, reduce the time and resources required to interact with customers, and automate routine tasks such as answering frequently asked questions.

By integrating Chat GPT into your business, you can focus on more complex and value-added activities, enhance the customer experience, and improve overall productivity and efficiency. Ultimately, Chat GPT can help you achieve your business goals more effectively and stay ahead of the competition


Everdime’s Blockchain and NFT Integration Services empower businesses to unlock the potential of digital assets through secure and transparent solutions. Our expert team offers end-to-end support, seamlessly integrating blockchain technology and NFT creation into your existing operations. By leveraging our services, businesses can tap into new revenue streams, enhance brand value, and strengthen their digital presence, positioning themselves at the forefront of the evolving digital asset landscape.

Businesses can unlock new revenue streams, enhance brand value, and strengthen their digital presence, positioning themselves at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape

Web3 Journey Begins Here

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) entering the Web3 ecosystem need Everdime’s private white-label Web3 wallet for its reliable, secure, and user-friendly solution that maintains their unique brand identity. By offering push communication and seamless delivery of NFT and token airdrops, Everdime’s wallet goes beyond typical wallet features, enabling SMEs to proactively engage with customers, send important updates, offers, and promotions, as well as distribute digital assets, rewards, or exclusive content. As a comprehensive and powerful tool, Everdime’s white-label Web3 wallet simplifies asset management while amplifying customer engagement and fostering growth in the Web3 ecosystem.

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Improved Customer Experience

By utilizing AI-driven ChatGPT, businesses can offer personalized and efficient customer interactions, leading to higher satisfaction rates and increased customer retention leading to repeat purchases and referrals of the business to others, driving higher revenues.

Expanded Market Reach

Expanded Market Reach: Everdime’s NFT and blockchain solutions help businesses tap into new markets and revenue streams. By creating, managing, and selling NFTs, businesses can monetize digital assets and engage with a wider audience.

New Sales Channels

Everdime’s 3D mall retail space provides businesses with an innovative sales channel, attracting a wider audience and encouraging higher spending through an immersive and engaging shopping experience, ultimately driving increased revenue in the virtual retail landscape.

Earn More

Our tailored services, including white label wallets and immersive 3D retail environments, drive increased engagement, loyalty, and customer retention, while unlocking new revenue streams and enhancing brand value. With Everdime, businesses can capitalize on the potential of emerging technologies and revolutionize the way they connect with their customers and communities.

How We Work with You

Web3 Onboarding Process

The client onboarding process for Everdime is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient integration of our solutions into your business. By following these steps, we can ensure that your organization is set up for success with Everdime’s innovative AI, ChatGPT, NFT, white-label metaverse and blockchain technologies. Your complete success is our ultimate goal

Requirement Analysis

Our team works closely with clients to understand their requirements, target audience, and unique value proposition. During the initial consultation, our team will work closely with you to understand your organization’s specific needs and objectives. We will discuss your requirements for AI, ChatGPT, NFT, blockchain integration, Web3 wallet services, and the 3D retail store setup, in order to tailor our offerings to best suit your goals.

Solution Proposal and Customization

We begin by working closely with you to identify your specific goals and requirements related to AI, ChatGPT, NFT, blockchain integration, Web3 wallet services, and the 3D retail store setup.

Technical Integration and Setup

Once the proposal is agreed upon, our technical team integrates Everdime’s technologies into your existing systems and platforms, including setting up ChatGPT chatbots, NFT and blockchain integration, configuring the white label Web3 wallet service, and designing your private 3D retail store within the virtual mall environment.

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team is well-equipped to utilize the new tools and technologies, offering workshops, webinars, and one-on-one sessions as needed.

Launch and Monitoring

After technical integration and training, we collaborate with you to launch your new AI, ChatGPT, NFT, blockchain, and 3D retail store solutions. Our team closely monitors their performance, providing insights to optimize their effectiveness and help achieve your business objectives.

Ongoing Partnership and Innovation

As an Everdime client, you benefit from our commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of industry developments through updates, enhancements, and new features.

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